The Casa Agrícola Assis Lobo, Lda, was recently established (May 2002). However, viticulture is deeply rooted in our family from bygone days.

From generation to generation, this noble art has been perfected and adapted to the demands of those who appreciate and judge it. Having as of the utmost priority the high quality of our wines, only grapes from our vineyards, situated in the most privileged and noblest areas of the region of Palmela, as are Lau, Fonte da Barreira, Poceirão and Fernando Pó, are used.


Headquarters and sales office at our old wine cellar in the historic centre of Palmela, where we store our wines in stone recipients, during at least 5 months. Also here in this place we present and promote our wines. [show contacts].
Our new vinification centre, created in 2004 is located at Fernando Pó (one of the noblest vineyard areas of Palmela).